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Objectives and tasks

The "Institut für Schrift- und Urkundenuntersuchung e.V. (ISU, Institute for Questioned Document Examination) is the only German institution that provides the legal and organisational framework for further development within the area of questioned document examination in research, teaching and practice - other than the German Federal Criminal Police Office. The institution acts in cooperation with the University of Mannheim and achieves its tasks by the following:

  • Continuation of all current scientific work as well as planning, applying for and running new projects,
  • Informing the public, particularly courts and public prosecution about the fundamentals and further development of questioned document examination,
  • Maintaining and developing scientific communication with individual experts, departments of relevant institutions and scientific and professional associations,
  • Organising and running conferences and business meetings for research, further education and the exchange of work experience,
  • Fulfilling roles in national and international professional associations,
  • Providing document research from the "Mannheim Bibliography for questioned document analysis (MAB)".