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The Mannheim Bibliography (MABI)

The first edition of the Mannheim Bibliography of Document Examination (MABI) was published in book form in 1996. At the time it contained 5,635 titles. The second edition was published in 1998 as a database application which contained approximately 8,500 records. Now it contains almost 14,000 entries (as of June 2013)

The MABI is a bibliography for questioned document examination and similar subjects. Data entries are mainly based on articles in specialised magazines and reports from expertsconferences. The magazine titles range from relevant journals,for example, MannheimerHeftefürSchriftvergleichung, International Journal of Forensic Science Society, Kriminalistik and theJournal of Forensic Document Examination, to less specific magazines such as Perceptual and Motor Skills, Pattern Recognition and others. Reports from expert conferences originate from different institutions, associations and societies such as the American Society of Questioned Document Examiners (ASQDE), International Graphonomic Society (IGS) and Gesellschaft für Forensische Schriftuntersuchung (GfS). Other sources for MABI are books, final theses, dissertations and single articles from monographs.

Eachdata record in the bibliography contains data about the author, title, publishing organisationand year. Every entry is linked with up to three key words to provide an effective content search. Abstracts for more than 6,000 titles allow for a succinctappraisal of subject and content.

MABI provides an easy search function. Data entries are quickly sorted and selected by the author, title, publication organ or key word. In addition MABI also provides a full-text search.

With  financial support from the German society GesellschaftfürForensischeSchriftuntersuchung, it was possible to start an online version of MABI in order to make it available to a broader range of experts and interested parties. Since February 2008, the online MABI can be accessed by authorised users. Access authority can be requested at the Institute for Questioned Document Examination (